Molinberry are a Polish company established in 2014 under Sobucky and Chemnovatic, producing delicious concentrated flavourings like Glamour Chocolate that took them into the stratosphere of respected concentrate vendors. As they're fully TPD compliant, Molinberry's flavours are completely safe to use around your vaping products so take some peace of mind with a piece of quality concentrate home today!

Molinberry is a brand of concentrated flavourings, and none of their products are ready to vape in their current form. We rebottle Molinberry from bulk to save you money at the checkout, so please only use the pictures supplied as a guideline of the flavour you should expect from their contents.

For further safety information on Moliberry products such as SDS and more, contact them directly here or email Sobucky:
You can also view their supplier Chemnovatic's safety and quality processes here.
Molinberry - FR-4