Back in 2005, Capella Coffee Co. founded to flavour coffees and teas with drops, and in 2008 they became the massive winners we know today thanks to their Flavour Drops. Over 150 different Flavour Drops are available in their full range, and we're expanding ours all the time with new and exciting additions!

Capella Flavor Drops are soluble multi-purpose flavour concentrates that contain no fats, sweeteners (natural or artificial), calories or preservatives and are highly concentrated to deliver powerful flavour. Each of their concentrates is certified by a third party in America to be truly quality confirmed and contain no impurities, backed by FDA registration and California State Health licencing.

You can review complete data for every Capella flavour here, including Safety Data Sheets, Specifications and more.

Capella is a brand of concentrated flavourings, and none of their products are ready to vape in their current form. We rebottle Capella from bulk to save you money at the checkout, so please only use the pictures supplied as a guideline of the flavour you should expect from their contents.