Flavorah - Flavour Concentrates

A dedicated e-juice flavouring brand? Flavorah hit it in spades with very strong and VERY delicious concentrates. Flavorah contains no colouring, sweetener or preservative throughout their range, and keeps them quite potent for any ratio of PG/VG a DIYer could dream of (98% VG anyone?).

Flavorah follow EU TPD compliance for their worldwide production, an extremely strict set of standards that ensure only the highest quality product is sold in the market. All of their ingredients are certified GRAS (Generally Recognised As Safe) food flavouring compounds recognised as a baseline of quality, no cutting agents or dilutants are part of their product, and what you see is the deal: there's no such thing as a V2 Flavorah. If it's not good or safe enough, it's gone.

Since 2013, this brand has taken the world by storm. It's time for you to brave that storm and try some for yourself, to experience true passion and perfection in concentrates!

Flavorah is a brand of concentrated flavourings, and none of their products are ready to vape in their current form. We rebottle Flavorah from bulk to save you money at the checkout, so please only use the pictures supplied as a guideline of the flavour you should expect from their contents.

Looking for somewhere to start with FLV concentrates? Check out their free online recipe book PDFs here!

You can view all of Flavorah's safety data including MSDS and GC-MS documents here.