Here's where all our drip tips / mouthpieces are located if you need a replacement or you'd like to freshen up your style!

There are a few different types of sizes of drip tips:

  • 510 size: have diameters around 8.5mm and usually one or two o-rings on their bases
  • 810 size: have diameters around 12.5mm and sometimes have o-rings. Usually, 810 drip tips for rebuildable atomisers [RDA, RTA, RDTA, etc.] do not have o-rings, and non-rebuildables do, but always check your atomiser
    • If the atty has an o-ring in the top cap, then it needs a drip tip without o-rings and vice versa.
  • Proprietary: these are drip tips that ONLY fit the devices they're advertised for, and will not fit any other device or atomiser.

Need some more help identifying what you need? Drop us a line: