Since 2012, Flavor West has had a goal to be a premium manufacturer of concentrated flavourings that are offered at economical prices. We're pretty sure browsing the below that you'll 100% agree with that offering!

Each batch produced up in Lake Elsinore, California is subject to in-house quality control and meets the flavouring industry's top quality requirements for manufacturing to take place. Over 20 years of combined experience has produced a world of flavours ready for you to explore. Get out West today!

Flavor West is a brand of concentrated flavourings, and none of their products are ready to vape in their current form. We rebottle Flavor West from bulk to save you money at the checkout, so please only use the pictures supplied as a guideline of the flavour you should expect from their contents.

Flavor West are fantastic but we do need to let you know: their concentrates are comparatively weaker than many others we offer. This makes FW a great option for beginners wanting to dip their toes in, but believe us they're no less tasty than anyone else! Please contact FW directly for information on their SDS documentation and/or in house testing here: