XTAR USB Charger Hubs - U1 / 4U


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  • XTAR USB Charger Hubs - U1 / 4U
  • XTAR USB Charger Hubs - U1 / 4U

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Xtar are a brand that have lead the charge on real high quality chargers and useful accessories, and they've never changed course after being founded in 2006. We're bringing back the best, because you deserve it!

And now for something completely different. These two pieces will be useful for anyone, let alone any vaper out there needing a couple USB outs to power their chargers or gear! The U1 and 4U are USB chargers with multiple outputs, like a phone charger on steroids (but not too many roids, a controlled level).

The U1 boasts six (6) different outputs, and the 4U modestly holds four (4), each capable of proper fast charging up to 2.4A per port! Everyone I've known that's picked these up has called them lifechanging. I use one myself, and it's replaced a powerboard on it's own, and is excellent for travel (one travel adaptor? yes please!). Check the specs down below for more info, but either will serve you very, very well.

The charger is constructed of tough and fire resistant ABS materials, and has overcharge, reverse polarity and short circuit protections. Keep it safe, silly.


  • 4U Charger:
    • Outputs: 4
    • Output Charging Rates: 1 x 2.4A Smart Charging / 3 x 1A
    • Rubberised finish for maximum stability
    • Nickel plated AC port and gold plated USB ports
    • Input power: 100 - 240V AC
    • Output Voltage: ~5.25V
    • Operation Temperature: 0~45°C
  • U1 Charger:
    • Outputs: 6
    • Output Charging Rates: 2.4A maximum per port (regulated by the charger), 9A shared across all ports (6 ports x 1.5A)
    • Synchronous rectification and voltage compensation for low heat and fastest possible charging
    • Nickel plated, copper USB ports
    • Input Power: 0 - 240V / 1.05A @50 - 60Hz
    • Output Voltage: 5V / 9A
    • Operation Temperature: 0~45°C
  • Effective heat dissipating design and fire resistant ABS cases

What's in the box:

  • Your choice of 1 x U1 OR 4U Charger
  • 1 x AC Power Adapter
  • Manual and Warranty Card

No USB Cables are supplied with this product, and please be sure to use the cable your device came with for charging it.

Never charge your mods through the USB port, unless it is a last resort or they are internal non-removable battery devices.

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