Vapoureyes Snow Bunny Beanie


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  • Vapoureyes Snow Bunny Beanie
  • Vapoureyes Snow Bunny Beanie
  • Vapoureyes Snow Bunny Beanie
  • Vapoureyes Snow Bunny Beanie

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Super warm, maximum floof. Double layered and fully insulated to keep your noggin super toasty. Shackleton would be jealous.

This isn't just any old beanie off the shelf with a Vapoureyes patch hastily ironed on — this is a custom knit masterpiece, every thread dyed and delicately woven into place using massive Jacquard looms (well, the modern equivalent).

And it's not just about lookin' fresh and fly: did you know that you lose 7 to 10% of your precious bodily heat through your head? With this beanie, you can theoretically cut that down to 0%. Take that, second law of thermodynamics.

Keep warm, look fashionable, impress all the ladies and gents at the ski lodge, and help to stave off the eventual heat-death of the universe. What more could you ask for in a beanie?


  • 100% acrylic, so if you spill spaghetti on it and need to give it a wash, turn it inside out and only use your washer's gentlest cold water cycle. Oh, and hang it out to dry because tumble drying may cause shrinkage. You can also get your beanie dry cleaned if you're fancy.
  • One size fits all. Mo (pictured) has a massive bulbous head and these beanies fit very nicely; Kai's head (also pictured) is a normal lady-sized head and they fit her perfectly too
  • Admiral V enamel pin not included (for now)
This product does not contain nicotine.

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