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Tired of getting dry hits or having to redrip every 3-4 tokes?

What about your health?

We all know that inhaling burnt cotton will clearly have adverse effect to our health. Well guess what people? This cotton is unbelievable and is going to revolutionize the vaping industry! Will out perform any Japanese cotton 10 to 1, hands down. Vapers Choice Cotton is the worlds finest cotton that goes through a very unique purification process. VCC is made by vapers for vapers. No burn, no taste, no carcinogens, super absorbent and will hold over 50 drops of ejuice in one wick and guarantees no dry hits, one build can last you months with proper maintenance. Stop throwing away your money on bullshit over hyped Japanese cotton that's still unhealthy for you. Choose Vapers Choice Cotton and give your lungs a break.

VCC's Patent Pending "Purification Process" is very timely and expensive, we DO NOT USE BLEACH or HYDROGEN PEROXIDE! Meticulously processed by "By Vapers, For Vapers" ensuring the Purest Tasting Cotton Wick Possible.​
"Drip Less, Vape More"
"ADifference You CanTaste"
Supima!!! "The World's Finest Cotton"

Developed "By Vapers, For Vaping", VCC's Patent Pending Cotton "Purification Process" is a culmination of 12 long months of research and development. Motivated by the dreaded "Break-in Period" of ALL OTHER cotton, we have spent countless hours and money to provide a cotton wick that doesn't have the residual plant material, waxes, and proteins that BLEACH and Hydrogen Peroxide fail to remove from the cotton fibers. We Vapers NO LONGER have to suffer through various periods of "BAD COTTON TASTE". Finally we can enjoy our favorite e-liquids without the annoying taste of cotton that was never intended for vaping. So make your choice Vapers Choice Cotton for "A Difference You Can Taste".
The New Standard for Vaping...

We DO NOT purchase in bulk and "Re-Package" into smaller bags to sell at a premium. Although Supima Cotton is known as "The Worlds Finest Cotton", it is un-usable for vaping in it's RAW form. VCC's Patent Pending Purification Process ensures all foul tasting plant by-product is removed for "A Difference You Can Taste".

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