ODB EXCLUSIVE Battery Wraps - 18650

Original Dirty Bastardz

$9.95 AUD  

  • ODB EXCLUSIVE Battery Wraps - 18650
  • ODB EXCLUSIVE Battery Wraps - 18650
  • ODB EXCLUSIVE Battery Wraps - 18650
  • ODB EXCLUSIVE Battery Wraps - 18650
  • ODB EXCLUSIVE Battery Wraps - 18650
  • ODB EXCLUSIVE Battery Wraps - 18650
  • ODB EXCLUSIVE Battery Wraps - 18650

This variant is currently sold out.

Alright, alright. We've been asked, we've toiled, begged, borrowed, but didn't have to steal luckily. We've managed to get strictly limited quantites of some of ODB's new wraps, many of which were usually exclusive to ODB themselves, just for you!

These wraps in this listing are EXCLUSIVE to Vapoureyes, celebrating our new official distributor partnership with ODB!

In case you didn't know, ODB are the market leaders in pure quality battery wraps. Gone are your days of air bubbles and less than ideal thick, easily breakable wraps for your batteries. Stay safe, in style!

Choose from:

  • Vaping Bogan's naughty offerings (picture is censored for those with sensitive eyes, uncensored product will be sent don't worry kents)
  • Grimm Green's spaced out travellers
  • Gherkin Rock wreeeeeeps (a.k.a. Pickle / Gherkin v2)
  • The first crowd sourced design winner: Robot!
  • The second community design winner: Mask!
  • Water-Malone's sweet juicy seediness

These wraps may only be here for an EXTREMELY limited time. Some of them are one offs and not able to be purchased again, and yes, some are more expensive due to the artist commissions that have been taken.

What's in the box:

  • 1 x 4 pack of your chosen ODB 18650 Wraps
Unless otherwise specified, price is for a single cell.

Labelling: 18650 batteries sometimes come with a small white sticker, this is used in international shipping declarations by battery wholesalers and can be removed. Battery-specific model numbers are printed directly onto the plastic wrap by the manufacturer.

Battery Safety: Vapoureyes chooses its suppliers very carefully; we partner with reputable, reliable companies like Samsung, LG, Sony, and Panasonic, and the batteries we sell are the same ones we use ourselves. However, all rechargable batteries, regardless of where they come from, require responsible usage. Incorrect handling can lead to damaged hardware or serious injury.

Before using any rechargable battery, make sure you understand the risks and take proper precautions. Never leave charging batteries unattended, and always place the charging device on a stable fire-proof surface. Do not use any battery or battery charger that is damaged in any way, whether that damage is visible or internal. Always transport batteries in a non-conductive container, and ensure that batteries can't come in contact with each other. Dispose of batteries in a safe and responsible manner. Contact your local council to find out what programs are in place to help you dispose of your batteries.

Vapoureyes will not be held responsible or liable for any injury, damage, or defect, whether permanent or temporary, that may be caused by the improper use of batteries. It is your responsibility as an adult to understand what you're doing, and to not do silly things.

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