CAP Graham Cracker v2


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We don't really have Graham crackers in Australia so in case you're wondering, they're a type of biscuit invented in the 1800s by the Reverend Graham, who thought eating bland food would stop you from touching yourself... inappropriately. True story. 

In a cruel twist of fate that probably has the good Reverend spinning in his grave, the modern Graham cracker is crammed full of delicious biscuity flavour with a slight hint of honey sweetness, certainly worth having a good time over. 

Use it to liven up pastry recipes or as a subtle highlighter in chocolate recipes. 

This is a flavour concentrate, meant for DIY mixing. It is not ready to vape and must be diluted before use. To find out more about mixing your own eliquids, check out /r/DIY_ejuice on reddit.

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