Rayon Wool (Discontinued)

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Vapoureyes no longer intends to stock this product as it has been replaced by newer, superior products.

A highly-absorbent, semi-synthetic wicking material for rebuildable atomisers.

Approximately 38cm of 100% Pure Rayon Wool, at the thickness of around a 20c piece.

Similar to other brands of Rayon such as "Cellucotton".

Note- Please understand that this is a consumable wicking material and cannot be returned. Some people find that Rayon has a noticable taste that disappears after saturating and firing the wick a few times.

From ECF:

"Rayon aka viscose is natural cellulose based man made fiber. The majority of bamboo yarn is viscose. The difference with this is that it's the loose fiber. I got it from a spring valley melatonin bottle last year. Some pill bottles have cotton some use rayon.

There is no flavor at all imparted by the rayon if wicked properly. It holds an incredible amount of juice and wicks it really fast. Rayon acts more as a transporter than an absorber like cotton. It wicks to and from itself very quickly and completely. You can vape a tank completely dry before you get a hint of a dry hit. At this point the ends of the wick can be starting to dry out as the liquid is transferred to the coil. It does act more like a pipe feeding your coil. I have not tasted my juice this pure since I last used rayon. Taste only juice in its purest form. 

The saturation level it can achieve is incredible, without flooding. It is comparable to the saturation you can get with dripping. It wicks really fast. The vapor is very smooth off it. It is in straight long strands that are easy to work with. And seems much more forgiving on densities."

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