How is rumblepup steam elixir different? I'm Cuban American. I grew up with a ton of wonderful food and flavors, the kind that you don't want to forget or stop experiencing. When I started vaping, I found a lot of beautiful and fantastic flavors and was very impressed by the craft and artistry of many e-liquid creators, but none of them reflected the flavors that I grew up with and wanted to taste in my vapor experience.

So I started working on recreating those flavors I grew up with.

All of RSE flavors are very personal to me, and are part of the life I had growing up as a first generation Cuban-American after the exile. The smells, the tastes, and the emotions wrapped up with the memories of my family and my culture are very influential, if not essential to the way I created my flavors.

It has taken me two years.

I no longer find it correct to use the "Premium" adjective to describe an e-liquid. A definition of what is premium quality and what is not is debatable. However, I am proud of rumblepup steam elixir e-liquids, and I want vaping enthusiasts and beginners to enjoy them as much as I do. Offering them to the public is not only a creative entrepreneurial endeavor to me, but a way to become involved in saving lives by giving people who smoke an alternative to a deadly habit. I like to think of the RSE line of e-liquids as an "Essential" line...

...but they could just be tasty. Don't ask me, I just walk around from room to room.