Here's where the source of all our power lies. All of these batteries have been extensively reviewed by ourselves via Safety Data Sheets and our experiences with testing for safe vaping use.

Just a heads up: your batteries from your old laptop, garden equipment, vacuum and more? Those aren't suitable for vaping. This all comes down to the amperage output of batteries, and all of these are relatively high compared to most consumer goods. This is because vaping requires short, strong bursts of power compared to devices that require steady output for longer periods.


  • Use foil to patch up gaps in your mod between the terminals and connections
  • Allow yourself to use sub-par batteries in vapes (as mentioned above)
  • Use batteries with tears or damage on the wrapper
  • Use batteries with dents on any part
  • Purchase "protected" batteries for vaping
    • They have parts that are not compatible with mods, and the protection isn't applicable since mods have their own protections built in


  • Refresh your battery collection every 12 months (or when you notice a loss in battery life
    • 'Marrying' / pairing your batteries is a great idea, and you want to do this as batts lose a lot of potential capacity after 12 months of moderate use
  • Keep them protected in a battery case on the go
  • Be aware of their charging cycle while you're at home, remove them as soon as they're fully charged
    • Bag your charger in a flameproof bag if you intend to charge overnight
  • Ensure they're out of high levels of prolonged heat or cold (above 40 degrees or below 0 degrees)
    • Don't store them unattended in cars (they get hot even when it's not that hot out), or freezers

Got a question? Feel free to reach out below and we'd be happy to advise you:

By the way, we HIGHLY recommend the Molicel batteries below. They rock.