Here's the skinny: Freemax are not messing about anymore. They've bought the Max out of the pod and thrown it into the mod with the new Maxus 100 and 200 Kits!

The Maxus Kits both come with special SmartLoad technology that means you can install your batteries any way you like, no positive/negative lining up! The screens are super bright, the firing speed quick and the performance top notch. 

Since this is Freemax we're talking about, the tanks aren't filler either. Brand new versions of the Fireluke and Mesh Pro in the Fireluke 3 and M Pro 2 arrive with each one of the kits and on their lonesome! Both have a new secure set of steel balls in the top cap that keeps the sliding top fill but avoids that awful pocket fill the old versions suffered.

There's lots more info in each product below, have a browse and be amazed!