Experience the full range of Clouded Visions Sweet As juices! Loads of flavours straight from the candy shop await:

  • Cherry Burst - sweet, juicy cherry chew coupled with sweet tangy strawberry
  • Cola Bottles - very sweet gummy cola bottles, with a slight tartness on the exhale
  • Fizz Bomb - sweet lemon hard candy coupled with delicious fizzy sherbet
  • Geeks Berry Lime - bring out the nerd with poppin' berry and tangy lime
  • Geeks Grape Strawberry - bring out the nerd with a strawberry and grape twang
  • Geeks Raspberry Lemon - bring out the nerd with a raspberry lemon twist
  • Geeks Watermelon Apple - bring out the nerd with refreshing watermelon and apple
  • Pink Bits - sweet strawberry chews with a tart punch
  • Worms - sweet and tangy sensations