We dunno about you, but we're trying to keep warm with the best of them. Snuggle up with us and net yourself some exclusive comfy VE merch!

We've got both soft hoodies and fluffy beanies available! We've upped our hoodie game with AS Colour 350gsm 100% cotton and a metal tipped drawstring for all the fiddlers out there. Each hoodie has a front kangaroo pouch to keep those paws toasty, and even a little cutie Admiral print on the bottom!

Our beanies are fully custom made through Jacquard looms of 100% acrylic fiber to keep your noggin tickin' along. All that brain needs insulation of course. Topped off with a puffy pompom, the Snow Bunny Beanie is a must have item for arctic expeditions a.k.a. the shops before anyone else has woken up.

We've got a limited supply of each of these babies, so get yours ASAP!