Greetings vapers! My name is Walter and I’m a dusky conure owned by a gentleman by the name of Dan. Before I was adopted, I spent many years in the Amazon studying the human palate as well as flavor combinations. My goals were to bring the purest food grade FDA-approved ingredients together to create delicious mixes bursting with flavor, and to help those who wished to break their addiction to tobacco products.  Now that I have a human mixing my creations, my goals are becoming possible. My human counterpart does research day in and day out to bring you the highest quality products at honest and fair prices. I support vapers of all types, but I’d like to recommend using our e-juice at higher wattages (70W+) for the full experience.

Every aspect of our flavors was designed to create an all day vape experience. Our flavors are gentle on your cotton and will increase in flavor intensity the more you drip them. We also would never release a flavor that we don’t personally vape on frequently. You won't catch us using marketing gimmicks such as food dyes or trademarked candy logos to sell our product because the juice speaks for itself, and more importantly the vaping industry can not afford to have these types of gimmicks ruin our reputation.

Not only are we about flavors, clouds, and happiness, we are also about advocacy. We’re members of a nation-wide advocacy group called The Illuminated Resistance, and together we hold events to raise awareness as well as monetary support for CASAA and SFATA. Along with raising funds for these organizations, we use our social media influence to spread the message to vapers and let them know what actions they can take to make a difference and save our industry.